Our Mission
The mission of the GCTE Center prepares and supports workforce seeking individuals with the essential skills needed to meet the demanding career-related introductory technical skills, academic knowledge and craft skills needed for success in high school, college, and in the workforce.
The GCTE Center mission is to:
Present a hands-on learning experience that is focused and appeals to our state’s diverse labor market.

Fulfill our responsibility for community service, by establishing neighborhood partnerships with public and private-sector organizations that share our passion for interactive learning, in order to provide the very best educational experience imaginable.
Support students to graduate from high school with a full range of options including industry certifications, apprenticeships, formal job training, military service, and/or two or four-year college opportunities.
GCTE Center offers career pathway courses with focused training in introductory workforce skills. Each career pathway consists of several courses that give students the opportunity to not only gain hands-on experience and exploration of career options but also includes the development of employability skills to secure a job.


At Grant Career & Technical Education Center (GCTE), high school students and adults can learn the skills that are essential to today’s demands in our workplace.